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A living paradigm actively promotes constructing consciousness, which looks for meaning in the relationship  of the in-between. To look implies an active Awareness. To define meaning as the expression and extension of Self sets an intent to live through Awareness, one that forms a malleable  identity. To construct consciousness builds confidence, self-esteem and an acceptance of our ever changing reality. A living reality is love in action; it is being the cause. Developing self-love promotes a healthy, living culture that cultivates a safe and loving environment, which extends beyond our immediate reality.  The Zulu saying: I am because We are, takes the center stage in living Mindfully in our individuation process. We educates ourselves to  support the children of the world. They are our future investment and by constructing a living paradigm we recenter our self with co-existing in harmony. Thus our reality “rights” itself in the health and well-being for all living creatures.



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Constructing Consciousness

For the Children & Parents who believe in creating a loving environment for all living creatures.

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